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Arch Design Concept has been in existence for 12 years as an Engineering Consultancy Company with license for G + 4 for all Buildings issued by Dubai Municipality. Under the management of Mr. Mohammed Abdul Hakeem Khan, bringing with us over 22 years of varied experience, we strive to further our reputation in the field of engineering consultancy. Arch Design Concept is a firm comprising of architects, engineers, interior designers and structural designers, urban/master planners, quantity surveyors and project managers with a truly varied and exquisite portfolio.



  1. To execute the design, supervision and implementation of the projects undertaken by us with consistent assurance of quality, specifications, cost control and adhering to the demanding project milestone as per client requirement. 

  2. To promote and share our rich and diversified experience and knowledge in the field of design and supervision with our valued clients and with our well experienced technical staff or mutual benefit and for the construction industry, the country itself and the whole society. 

  3. To continually evolve our unique capabilities, adapting new concepts and technologies, to strive for sustainable growth in business and to be a superior consultant and a capable service provider for all clients. .


Our policy is to attain, maintain and deliver the highest standards of quality in our work, all design and supervision services and ensure high quality of completed and finished work, and to satisfy our customer’s requirements in the most competitive and effective manner. 
This is obtain through careful observation, implementation of set QA/QC plans, providing necessary resources and training to our engineering staff to improve our quality management system, developing procedures by viewing/evaluating requirements, sampling/selecting and testing of the products being used including all plant, equipment etc. continued evaluation and super checking of the workmanship of the employees and staff. 

We are committed to undertake and perform works ensuring with adequate protection and preservation of the environment, maintaining proper implementation all the procedures mentioned above. 


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